After successfully completing 10000+ projects over the past 20 years with more than 6000+ clients, We very well realize that a well-documented software development process is the ladder for a successful project.

Quality Assurance

process2In our Quality Assurance process, we ensure that projects follow a perceptible life cycle which goes through phases of review, feedback, testing, and detailed documentation to ensure that tasks are delivered on time and within cost schedules.

Our quality guidelines include mechanisms for:

  • Logging & tracking of change requests, defects, and version control
  • Continuous training on quality procedures that define life cycle processes for each project
  • Clear understanding and definition of client requirements objectives, and workflow for project delivery
  • Credibility of style and sophisticated contemporary designs that focus on enhancing user experience
  • Focus on ensuring web accessibility and “friendly access” to differently abled users
  • Dedicated secure environments for quality assurance and optimization
  • Staffing contingency plans to ensure seamless project workflow
  • Integrity of code, system & usability testing, that delivers performance-driven applications

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