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IP Blacklist Monitoring
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The ever increasing menace of unsolicited bulk email (UBE) and unsolicited commercial email (UCE) has led to creation of many spam reporting services. There These services maintain active list of IPs that are being used for spamming. All mail server administrators use one or more of these lists to protect their users against spam.

As a webhosting/email service provider, you would never want your IP address to get listed with a blacklist. Maintaining a clean IP address helps you reduce blacklist related complaints and saves valuable time of your customer support staff.

Pugmarks now offers an automated blacklist monitoring service for IP addresses that checks your IP address against host of blacklist services and sends our a daily report on IPs that appear on these lists.

Your IP address can get on to the blacklist for various reasons. You may unknowingly be hosting a spammer; you may not have implemented right security policies or there might be running a compromised application on your server. Our expert staff at Easy Server Management can also help you identify the cause of spamming and suggest you ways to avoid these in future.

IP Blacklist Monitoring Package
1 IP Address - $9.99/IP/month
  (+$ 9.99/$ 9.99 setup)
2 IP Addresses - $9.49/IP/month
  (+$ 18.98/$ 9.99 setup)
3 IP Addresses - $8.99/IP/month
  (+$ 26.97/$ 9.99 setup)
4 IP Addresses - $8.49/IP/month
  (+$ 33.96/$ 9.99 setup)
5 IP Addresses - $7.99/IP/month
  (+$ 39.95/$ 9.99 setup)