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Business transactions over the web have really gained ground. It has been sufficiently demonstrated that e-commerce is here to stay. A recent survey of consumers has revealed that they prefer stores that publish their inventory on the website. If you have not started selling through the web, it’s never too late.

How to make online store?

Pugmarks creates real e-stores, with full features from browsing, product selection, online help, store management features, payment gateways and customer service modules to handle customer history, preferences, shipping details and loyalty rewards. Some of the stores designed and hosted sites conduct daily transactions of several hundred thousand dollars.
Pugmarks offers three different levels of e-commerce solutions—budget, advanced and custom. All Pugmarks solutions, even budget ones, include most of the features listed below, with the only difference that the budget solutions use shared resources, while advance and custom solutions are designed using dedicated resources and can be scaled up to several thousand transactions per hour.

Pugmarks E-commerce Features

Store Setup
 Bulk upload products
 Import existing database
 Batch upload product images
 Programming and designing skills not required
 Add on unlimited products
 Select your target market

Shopping Cart
 Shipping calculator
 Mini cart option on all pages
 Different layouts for cart and checkout pages
 Address book function for easy checkout
 Seamless check-out process
 Built in shipping and tax calculation
 Multiple shipping and payment options
 On screen shopping list

Store Design and Layout
 Attractive fully customizable template designs
 Unlimited main/sub-categories
 Create up to four levels of sub-categories
 Variety of page layouts
 Easy text customization
 Convert your store to other languages
 Add on additional pages
 Upload additional files and images
 Thumbnail, large and blow-up image views
 Built-in WYSIWYG HTML editor

Sales and Marketing
 Affiliate program module
 Easy newsletter broadcasting system
 Customizable auto generated e-mails
 Run targeted e-mail campaign
 Set quantity discounts
 Issue individual gift certificates or in batches
 Issue discount coupons
 Website survey
 Advertisement tracking module
 Preferential pricing for loyal customers

Store Administration
Different access level for multiple store Admin
Browser-based control panel
User-friendly graphical interface
Tour & HELP button to assist you
All-in-one order viewing mode
Automated packing slip printing
Order update
Automated confirmation e-mails
Route administrator e-mails to different individuals
Easy download of products
Supplier/Drop shipper module
Password restriction for suppliers/drop shippers

 Cross-sell products
 Bulk pricing module for multiple-unit purchases
 Wholesale selling feature
 Mass wholesale price update
 Currency converter
 One-click featured, on sale and front page products
 Inventory control module
 Unlimited product options
 Automatic price recalculation for product options
 Product personalization
 Show audio/video presentation
 Products can appear in multiple categories
 Temporarily de-activate products
 Sell downloadable products

Payment Options
 Accept real-time credit cards
 Offline credit card processing
 Accept payment in any currency
 Accept checks, P.O and C.O.D.

Shipping and Tax Calculations
 Set up to unlimited shipping methods
 Automatic UPS ship rates calculation
 Automatic USPS ship rates calculation
 Supports international shipping
 Ship by price, quantity or weight
 Set minimum/maximum shipping charges
 Offer free shipping
 Tax calculation (country, state or county)
 Tax exemption for specific customers

Store Analysis
 Sales report
 Best selling products report
 View your store's top visitor's day of the week
 Traffic reports
 Top payment method used
 View cart abandonment percentage
 Sales by customer report

Customer Relationship Management
 All customers orders stored in database
 Order tracking ability
 Your customers can view their order history
 Repeat customer recognition, ie returned customers will be greeted
 Returned customers do not need to key in their information upon checkout
 Search your customers by demographics
 Password entry for wholesale customers

 Full HTTPS/SSL support included
 Password protected administrative access

Hosting and Network infrastructure
 High bandwidth hosting
 1000 MBPS Connection (equal to 650 T1 lines working together)
 24/7 monitoring and proactive recovery
 Daily back-ups
 99.99% uptime guarantee

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