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Now controlling spam is easier than ever. Pugmarks offers a simple solution to avoid ever growing spam. Our easy signup and one step setup gets you going within no time. We offer a fixed monthly fee for upto 50 users.

Some key features of our anti-spam solution are:

  • One step easy setup - You just need to edit the MX records on your DNS server and we take care of rest of the settings.

  • Fixed low monthly fee per domain - We offer a flat per domain (upto 50 users) monthly fee. You do not have to worry about constantly changing monthly fee.

  • Spam blocking - Reduces spam by 95%.

  • Virus scanning - Scans your email attachment for known viruses.

  • Quarantine management - Web based interface to view your quarantine box.

  • Daily quarantine report - Receive a daily digest in your email with list of all the emails that have been identified as spam and have been moved to quarantine box.

  • Whitelist management - Manage your own whitelist.

  • 24x7 customer support - Web and phone based 24/7 customer support.

Anti-spam Solution Package
Anti-spam Solution - $12.99/month