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Pugmarks - A Complete Solution provider

Pugmarks is a multi faceted company that provides online services in three main spheres - Managed Hosting, E-Business Solutions and Web Services. We have been in the business of providing high-quality online business solutions to our clients for over 6 years.

The Experience
Pugmarks was set up in 1996, by a group of experienced Internet professionals to capitalize on the opportunities in the nascent but growing market for Internet services. It was founded in the year the Internet entered into mainstream prominence. In the last 6 years, we have deployed a wide range of technologies and developed significant proprietary knowledgebase of our own.

Pugmarks Solutions
Pugmarks provides complete end-to-end web solutions, including complex e-commerce solutions, e-CRM solutions, database management, corporate Intranet solutions, web services and high-end managed hosting services. The company has provided a wide range of web services to more than 6000 clients including corporate, B2B portals, Government organizations, publications and individual entities.

Pugmarks provides top quality managed services using physical space and network connectivity through established data centers. This ensures the quality of infrastructure at affordable prices for the managed services down to application level support and maintenance.

Infrastructure and Skill-sets
Pugmarks has its office in Chicago (USA), and an off-shore production facility in India.

On the technology front the company has the requisite skill-sets in executing high-end e-commerce, content management, database management and Internet application development projects.

The Clients
Pugmarks has served over 6000 clients in the last 6 years. Prominent names include - Encyclopaedia Britannica, ING Insurance, Big-Coop, Ibart, Covenant Retirement Community, Dispark, Health Nautica, Ethnic Grocer (namaste.com), Raja Foods, Microprint, Access Big, Oro-chemicals, Sahil, Cigar Smoker, Annapurna, India Today Group, Bennett Coleman, The Tribune, ICRA, CII, DRDO, Hero Cycles, Maruti Suzuki in addition to a number of other clients in Corporate and Government sector.

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